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Anti-corruption in Brazil

The course will introduce the country's anti-corruption system, the relevant institutions as well as its strengths, vulnerabilities and recent challenges. In addition, the classes will discuss the level of insertion and compliance of Brazil in relation to the international anti-corruption conventions and the regulation and practices concerning international criminal cooperation.

Corruption is one of the main obstacles to social and economic development in Brazil. In recent years, numerous corruption schemes were revealed, involving public and private agents, which resulted in billionaire losses and severe impact to human rights.

Many of these scandals gained worldwide repercussion and influenced politics and the economy of several countries. During the Carwash Operation, it was hoped that Brazil would be able to achieve important institutional and legal advances in the fight against corruption. However, with the end of the mega-operation and with the recent political rearrangements, a wave of setbacks started to dismantle the legal and institutional anti-corruption framework the country took decades to develop.

Considering this context, the course “Anti-Corruption in Brazil” intends to present an overview of the country’s anti-corruption system, as well as its vulnerabilities and challenges. In addition, the classes will present how Brazil is placed in the International Anti-Corruption System, as well as the mechanisms available to public authorities for the investigation of corruption cases.

Program Topics


– Anti-corruption in Brazil: institutions, actors, and challenges

– Brazil in the anti-corruption international system: international anti-corruption conventions


– Brazil in the anti-corruption international system: international criminal cooperation

– Political system, elections, and integrity


– Public transparency in Brazil: achievements and setbacks

– Corruption and environmental crimes in Brazil


– Between market and politics: integrity in state owned enterprises

– Approaches to fighting corruption in the private sector


– Tackling corruption through leniency agreements: legal evolution and challenges

– Antitrust and private sector competition

– Anti-money laundering

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Applications are now open for interested diplomats and embassy/consulate staff; multilateral institutions’ staff; and foreign companies’ staff in Brazil until September 4th.

Those selected will have full access to the course platform and original course material.

Applications until September 4th
Limited places available
For diplomats and embassy/consulate staff; multilateral institutions' staff; and foreign companies' staff in Brazil
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